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Best Sites to Play French Roulette Online in Canada

French roulette online is a popular casino table game that is played all over the globe. Getting the hang of the game is easy, and it's a lot of fun to play French roulette online real money. As long as you're playing at a reputable online casino, it's just as much fun.

What's more, once you start playing, you'll learn about all the advantages that gamers all around the globe enjoy:

  • Time savings are noticeable. When you play French roulette online, it's just you and the computerized croupier. You can get in a lot of rounds of French roulette in a short amount of time.
  • It's more practical. When you play on your computer or smartphone, you never have to worry about being late for anything.
  • Decide for yourself. Since the betting limits in online French roulette are often significantly lower than in land-based casinos, it is essentially up to you how much you want to wager.

Below, you'll learn about the additional perks you'll get when you visit a premium French roulette real money casino.

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How We Estimate Online French Roulette Sites

  • Casino Games: We prioritized having a decent game collection, so all of our recommended online casinos feature enough roulette varieties for most gamers.
  • Bonuses: Many sites offer a 100% initial deposit bonus or greater to get you to join. The wagering requirement determines the casino bonus value. You won’t find unfair roulette casinos offering 40x rollovers.
  • Mobile-friendly: Fans of roulette frequently prefer to play online roulette for real money on a mobile device. Before adding a gambling site in this post, we evaluated its mobile gaming on Android and iOS devices.
  • Banking: Game enthusiasts must have banking alternatives to join. Sites should provide a good range of deposit and withdrawal methods in addition to fast payouts.

Rules In French Roulette

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The French roulette rules are simple: a wheel spins, a metal ball is dropped into it, and players wager on where the ball will stop. This is true for all roulette games. However, the French version of the game has a few key changes that make all the difference.

A double zero appears in American roulette and other variants of the game. The greater the number of zeros on a roulette wheel, the greater the advantage for the house.

To put it another way, the house advantage in American roulette is 5.26%. The house advantage in French roulette is merely 2.7% since there is only one zero.

The La Partage rule in French version reduces the house advantage to 1.35 percent. This regulation applies only to even money wagers, such as those placed on red/black or odd/even. If the ball stops on zero, you will get half of your bet returned.

If you’re a gambler who likes even-money wagers, playing French roulette online is the way to go.

What’s The Difference Between French Roulette From American?

The main difference between American roulette and French roulette lies in the unique French roulette rules of La Partage and En Prison that add to the game’s allure. These two rules can greatly improve your gaming experience. There is usually only one of these rules in a given game. However, not all versions of French roulette online have this rule. Always double-check the game’s regulations to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

La Partage

An intriguing rule, known as the “La Partage Rule,” states that if a player bets exactly twice as much as they stand to win, and the ball lands in the zero pocket, they will get back half of their original wager.

En Prison Rule

While the En Prison also enters play under these conditions, it “locks up” your whole wager instead of returning half of it. The bet is refunded to you if you win the following spin but is lost permanently if you do not.

Payouts, Odds & Bets In French Online Roulette

French roulette odds are similar to European since the wheel has the same 1-36, black and red tiles, even and odd, and one green zero pocket.

The chances of winning a single-number wager are 2.63 percent. 47.37% of even bets are won.

The La Partage rule is the sole variable. When this happens, the house advantage drops to 1.32% since the dealer must pay back half of the player’s initial wager if they lose on an even bet when the ball lands on zero.

French roulette table provides basic and exotic bets in addition to La Partage. Let’s look at these bets and the French roulette payout they offer:

  • Inside Bets like Singles (35:1), doubles (17:1), street/trio (11:1), four-number-split (8:1), five-number-split (6:1), six-number line (5:1).
  • Outside bets like 1-18/19-36, Black/Red (1:1 payouts).
  • Extra outside bets: First/column, second/column, third/column (2:1 payouts).

French roulette also incorporates “French bets.” These exotic options are an innovative way to cover numerous outcomes with a single wager. They include Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and Orphelins.

Best Bonuses For French Roulette For Real Money Games

Most casinos do not provide special benefits to patrons who play just French roulette online. Unless specified differently, most casino bonuses are game-neutral and may be utilized across the board.

Slot machine bonuses are the most frequent ones. However, roulette is seldom singled out as a separate entity.

Payment Methods

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Top online gambling establishments often have many different deposit and withdrawal options available. Most players’ favourite banking methods are likely to be represented here, from credit/debit cards and eWallets to cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion: Tips For Gambling French Roulette Online

Picking French roulette real money over American or European roulette immediately lowers the house edge. Not much more can be done to improve your odds of success. Each spin’s result is completely unpredictable.

It is possible to learn about the chances and payoffs of each wager. Your odds of winning are better the more numbers you wager on at once. In contrast, the payoff decreases as the odds increase.

As with any gambling venture, picking the correct gambling establishment is crucial. Although there is no shortage of virtual gambling establishments, not all of them are created equal. A reputable French roulette casino will have glowing player reviews. You can see how the one you’re considering ranks on various forums and watchdog websites with little effort. The next step is to find out how it handles security and fairness. The best gambling sites secure their customers’ sensitive data. For both online and live games, they use random number generators and testing services. Finally, they provide convenient deposit methods for customers.


What’s The Difference Between French Roulette And American Roulette?

The chances are greater in French roulette online because the wheel does not have a double zero, which is the main difference between French and American versions. When the ball lands on zero in French version, several variations return half of the player’s even money stake. “La Partage” is the name of this principle of fair play.

Can I Play French Roulette Online For Real Money?

Yes, a real money roulette game is provided.

What Are The Advantages Of Gambling Roulette Online?

Its house edge is 1.35 percent, which is the lowest house edge. There are 16 possible bets here. La Partage and En Prison rules improve players’ advantage. Low- or high-stakes games are available in online French roulette real money.