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The Best Real Money Online Casino Canada 2021 – What You Should Know?

Online Casino Canada

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities. Not every one of these sources is maximized. One of such often overlooked opportunities is the real money online casino Canada offers.

However, many people remain reluctant to play at these online casinos. We understand them.

Like everything online, several scams and frauds are waiting to abscond with your money when you want to play at a real money casino. But, we can assure you that these scammers are just one in a hundred.

How do we weed out the one and enjoy your game in the ninety-nine? Well, it's pretty simple. We’ve been doing it for years, and we are here to show you just how. We are about to take you on a ride that'll change your gameplay and wins forever!

List of Canadian Casino Sites to Play for Real Money

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All Slots
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Dunder Dunder
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How We Fish Out Genuine Real Money Online Casino and Rate Them

We believe that it is possible to get it right on the first try. That’s why our recommendations for top real money casinos to play at are no guesswork. We want our readers to enjoy great games and win big right from the start.

How do we know that our recommendations will achieve this result? How can we be sure that players stand greater chances of winning in one online casino than the other?

It’s because we follow a process in our selection.

Don’t worry. The process does not involve any codes or mathematics. You can follow it too to figure if an online casino is genuine and worth your time.

Yes, enough of the talk. Let’s get down to it already.

Below are the steps we follow in selecting the most genuine and best real money online casinos.

Safety Ratings

Real Money Online Casino

The first we check for is a license! It should be the first thing you check, too! Never put your money in an online casino that is not licensed and registered in your country. It is always a wrong decision.

You should also check their data encryption technology. Since you would be betting with real money, you might have to input sensitive account details. You need to ensure that these details are safe. Never use a real money online casino that is not encrypted.

Reputation Matters

Any good betting site always makes sure to maintain a good reputation. We always consider what other gamblers and industry experts have to say about the chosen online casino in our ratings and selection. If they had maltreated others, they’d most likely treat you the same way.

Online Experience

The whole aim of playing at a Canadian online casino for real money is that you get to enjoy all the convenience of being online. However, suppose an online casino doesn’t have good graphics, localization, or software providers. In that case, you won’t enjoy playing online.

We ensure that the casinos we recommend give our readers the full range of online enjoyment. If we find that it doesn’t meet this standard, we rate it low. You should do the same. You can play the free games to get an idea of the online experience a casino offers.

Banking and Payment Options

Anyone who plays at an online casino, especially with real money, hopes to win. However, it is one thing to win. It is another to withdraw your money.

An excellent online casino would provide different banking and payment options for players. You should also check the payout percentages and RTP.

Customer Service

Even at the best online casinos, issues are bound to arise at one point of time or the other. The hallmark of an excellent online casino are the strategies they have to help you deal with those issues. Make sure they offer extensive and prompt customer support before you slide in your money.

Once you have these qualities come together in an online casino, you have a pretty good casino to play for real money. You might also want to watch out for the bonuses offered and the compatibility of the online casino with your preferred device.

Do you have these features in the top online casino real money you have your eyes on? If not, then you need to look for another.

But, if the online casino has everything in place, then we have a question for you — Why haven’t you started playing and winning real money at the online casino? Maybe you are still sitting on the fence because you don’t know what you stand to gain from playing for real money.

Don’t worry. We’ll share what all the craze for real money online casinos is about.

Why Do People Love to Play Real Money Casino Games?

Yes, there is a possibility of losing your money when you place your bets at real money casino games. But why do people still love and play these games? Well, it’s because playing with real money online Canada also comes with its advantages.

What could be the advantage of playing with actual money that you could lose?

Loads and loads of advantages! Primary among these advantages is the MONEY you could WIN!

Yes, you could lose money. But why gamblers keep playing these real money games, against all odds, is because you could also win.

Winning is not the only reason these games get much attention, though. Other reasons include

  • The VIP treatment they get: Most online casinos give you rewards for your courage. These rewards stand whether you win the casino game you play. You could even get a loyalty card if you play frequently.
  • You have more fun: Don’t let anyone deceive you. When you play with real money, the entertainment factor is much higher, not less. You would focus more and thereby enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • Play more games: You probably already know this one. There are more online casino games for real money than you would ever get for free.
  • Better Competitions: With actual money on the table, you get to compete with different players and even win more than just playing the games for free.

So you see what the whole hullabaloo about real money casino games has been about? Now that you know what the others have been enjoying, isn’t it time for you to bet in, too?

Remember we already told you that we believe in getting things right even from the first try? That’s why we are here to guide you into your first foray into the real money online casino games.

Real Money Mobile Casino Games You Should Play

It's not only about knowing all the fun you can have to play at an online casino for real money. It is also about understanding the best games to play at mobile casinos.

One way to win consistently is to play at the game you know and enjoy. While we cannot determine the games you know and want, we have compiled a list of some of the best online casino games that most people love.

Best Real Money Casino

Try them out first. You might find your winner here:

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

While these are not the only good games at an online casino to win real money in Canada, you might want to start by trying out your luck on them.

Once you have started winning money, the next thing you would look forward to is withdrawing your wins from the online casino. Remember that we warned you to check the banking and payment options before you start betting. The knowledge you gathered then would be helpful at this point.

Let’s take a brief look at the different banking and payment options you might find!

Banking and Payment Methods at Real Money Casinos

Different online casinos have their withdrawal methods. Take your time to read through the terms and conditions before withdrawing your wins in the casino you choose.

Once you are sure that you qualify to withdraw your money, you want to look into the banking methods offered by the casino. Always ensure to choose a safe way. There are different banking methods. Some of them include

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Whichever payment method you choose, ensure your account is secure so that you won't lose the money paid.

Beyond betting with your money and winning actual money, expert players have a way of winning without risking too much of their real money. It is in the bonuses and promotions.

How do these bonuses work?

Winning Real Money with Bonuses and Promotions

Most people think that the way to win at real money casinos online is to keep betting their money. Well, not exactly! While you have to slide in some real money, you can extend your gameplay and win more with the good bonuses and promotions.

How do you take advantage of these bonuses? You start by checking the different bonuses offered at a casino online to play for real money.

Real Money Casino

Some of these bonuses are:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Match Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Mobile Bonus
  • Payment Method Bonus

Find out the bonuses and promotions offered by the online casino and claim yours. You would get more time to play or more money to bet. Whichever the bonus, you stand a greater chance of winning with it in your arsenal.


Are you at an online casino to make real money? We have provided all that you need to make your endeavour a success in this guide to the best real money online casinos.